WIP Wednesday [8-2-17]: Small Things Are Easier To Make Than Big Things

lost in time shawl work in progress with skein of yarn

It’s official. Small things are easier to make than big things.

I’ve been pretty productive crochet-wise lately. I made this adorable elephant for my friend’s birthday in just a few days. I don’t have much amigurumi experience so I get nervous about sewing all the pieces together properly, but this had minimal sewing steps and they all seemed straightforward and fool-proof (at least for the fool that I am).

English pattern from the awesome blog All About Ami here, Ravelry page for my project here.

I liked making it so much (and it got such a positive response from my friends) that I think i’ll have to make a few more before the year is up – already got another started on the hook (the WIP of this WIP post).

I’m also working on the Lost in Time shawl¬†from Mijo Crochet using Schoppel-Wolle Edition 6 yarn in colorway “English Garden.” (Raverly project here.) This might be the thinnest yarn I’ve ever used since I have always felt too impatient to work with anything less than worsted before. But this yarn has changed me for the better – not only is the texture super soft and gorgeous, the colors in each skein are so amazing! Each color change is more exciting than the last. Five outta five stars for this yarn.

Not a WIP, but I also made a little crochet ball purely inspired by my stumbling across a pattern for a mathematically ideal crochet sphere. I whipped this bad boy up one morning when it seemed like more fun than getting out of bed to do real things. And the kitty loves it! Win win win.

herringbone scarf work in progress

This mini-herringbone scarf pattern from Purl Soho has been on my WIP-list for… many months now. If I don’t finish it by the time the weather is cold again, I will have failed everyone including myself. Knitting is much more unnatural to me than crocheting so it requires more dedicated effort and focus (notice the many lifelines I’ve included to ease my anxiety about losing tens of hours of work). This scarf is big. It’s too wide but it’s too late to stop. And I’m only halfway done. Sigh. So much wool to go!

So that’s the lesson today – small things are easier to make than big things. I have made countless small things in the time since starting this big thing. Similar to the way that I will watch hours of brief Youtube videos but not want to commit to watching a movie because it’s “too long,” I could have finished this scarf several times over by now. But as an impatient, instant-gratification-seeking millennial, I have left this thing sitting half finished since 2016. Summoning all crafty yarn inspiration to finish it before I turn into dust.

Wish me luck on my WIPs, and good luck to you and your WIPs!