In The Garden: 7-17-17

Let’s check out what’s going on in my garden this birthday week.

rooftop garden

This is my happy little garden!  On the bottom left you’ll see a little blue container of mint next to some lettuce plants which have gone to seed. Hiding behind the lettuce is my herb garden of cilantro, chives, and basil. And in the big containers I have four jalapeño plants and four tomato plants.

Clearly, it’s a busy time of year for pollinators. All sorts of flying critters love the cilantro flowers! I’m glad I let it bolt.

Also, my tomatoes are finally ripening! I’ve been enjoying plenty of fresh caprese salad this week with my tomatoes and fresh basil. I grew these tomatoes (along with everything else in the garden!) from seed, and it continues to be a fun labor of love.

And it’s been so much fun to watch these tomatoes ripen even before they were caprese worthy.

Finally, check out the the life cycle of a jalapeño from baby to harvest. We have an invasion of jalapeños. I already gave about 15 to my family (sent my dad up to the roof garden with the clippers and told him to go crazy).

So what do I do with all these jalapeños?? To date we have used them in chili, guacamole, quiche, fried rice… basically any dish into which you can throw some minced jalapeño. But the jalapeño growth rate is much faster than our jalapeño eating rate. Please share your jalapeño-heavy recipes with me!

Not pictured is the zombie cucumber plant which has seemingly been resurrected from what I thought was its deathbed. Some little bugs trampled over the whole plant right after it started producing fruit, and it slowly withered away. Naturally, given the plant’s grotesque appearance I had been avoiding pulling it out. But in the last week or so, I’ve seen some new leaf growth and even some male and female flowers! Still, the plant looks creepy as heck so it may have to bite the dust someday soon. We’ll see what happens with that weird thing.


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